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Through our subsidiary Congolaise Industrielle des Bois (CIB), we’ve delivered high quality and sustainably sourced timber for over 50 years. It comes exclusively from our forest concessions in the Republic of Congo.

Our five modern saw mills have a capacity of 300,000 m3 of input logs. They allow us to treat various species and dimensions of logs and sawn timber.

Not only can we recommend the right species to meet customer needs, we can tailor products to specification. We’ve a moulding unit and a furniture workshop, which produce finished products and high-quality furniture. Our wood has a variety of end uses such as door and window frames, flooring, marine timber, and furniture and housing, and is sold both within ROC and internationally. 

Healthy & Safety

As with the rest of our business, the team in the Republic of Congo is committed to maintaining a “Safety First” culture. Our goal is “zero lost time incidents (LTIs)”.

As a result of continuous efforts, we’ve seen a marked reduction and recorded a LTIFR of 1.12 in 2021, with annual person-hours of 3.75 million.

We work towards eliminating as many risks as we can which cause injury or illness.

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