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Sourcing & Supplying Cotton Worldwide

Olam Agri is one of the world’s leading cotton merchants, with a global sourcing network of growers, ginners and suppliers, and offices, warehouses and gins supplying textile mills across all major markets.

We are the largest private ginner worldwide with extensive operations in Australia and USA, and integrated ginning and contract farming operations in Africa, utilising world-class ginning systems to produce superior and consistent quality, and traceable and sustainable cotton.

We leverage our knowledge to assist farmers improve farming practices and obtain fair prices for their crop, and provide insights and expertise to offer a reliable and consistent supply of quality cotton to customers.

Cotton Across Four Regions


In the USA, we’re a leading supplier of all cotton varieties. Our business is diversified across the major growing regions of Texas, Memphis, Georgia, California and Arizona, with ginning and warehousing infrastructure in several locations.

In Brazil, we’re a leading exporter and have developed long-standing relationships with growers, providing them with innovative financial and risk management solutions.


We’re the leading supplier of medium and extra-long staple cotton from Central Asia. We transport cotton from the region’s land-locked countries to major markets worldwide.

In India, we’ve used our long-term presence in other agricultural products to set up infrastructure across the country’s major growing regions.

With over a decade of supplying imported and domestic cotton, we’re now a major participant in the regional trade flow and have a strong franchise with domestic spinning mills.



Through our subsidiary Queensland Cotton, we’ve built strong relationships with growers in Australia for whom we provide marketing, ginning, classing, warehousing, logistics and seed marketing. We’re recognised as an industry leader, a trusted supplier of premium quality cotton and a preferred partner for many of the major textile mills worldwide.


We run extensive ginning operations in Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, Chad, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe and have nurtured long-standing relationships as the preferred partner to various cotton marketing boards and ginners.

Through our integrated ginning model in Côte d’Ivoire, Togo and Chad, we support farmers to improve crop yields and quality, provide seeds, training services, access to agri-inputs and social investment, which in turn improves livelihoods. We do this in close partnership with development agencies including IDH, USAID and BMF.

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