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People at a table People at a table People at a table

Our challenge to you is to imagine the extraordinary.

We’re a Purpose-led organisation with a clear ambition to help customers, farmers, and communities prosper sustainably.

We seek to empower you to imagine extraordinary answers to the world’s everyday food supply challenges, fulfilling your own ambitions and positively influencing our global business and the world around us.

Because of the scale of the challenge, we encourage colleagues to take ownership of decisions and explore new ways of doing things.


Our distinctive culture is underpinned by our five core values and finessed with influences from our 9,500+ strong multicultural team. We celebrate our differences and value inclusivity and equality.

We offer you the chance to learn from skilled colleagues, and through formal programmes – providing the opportunities to develop your own skills and knowledge, and to explore personal and professional passions through your role and a variety of projects.

We value collaboration, not just internally but through the relationships we build with partners and customers. It’s not about individual glory, it’s about achieving shared goals – although we are quick to recognise a job well done!

All our colleagues positively contribute to the company, our farming communities, and fulfilling our customers’ expectations, as well as aim to fulfil a personal sense of purpose.

Work Streams

We are involved in many different types of activities, locations, and products, which gives you a breadth of choice and variety of challenge. Below are just some of the work streams in Olam Agri.

Supply Chain Management

Our well-established network of farmers and cooperatives, and our skills in logistics and risk management enable us to secure supplies and deliver them to our customers consistently. Our technologies enhance product traceability, adding value for our customers.

Cotton harvest in US


Our traders analyse proprietary information on supply and demand. Our rigorous research and analysis is honed by quantitative tools and techniques to offer unique industry insight.

Plantations & Farming

We grow a range of crops, and share learnings from one to another, driving efficiencies for us and our customers. We understand the pressures of farming and work on the ground with small-scale producers to increase volumes. We stimulate opportunity with communities local to our operations through smallholder ‘outgrower’ programmes.

Manufacturing, Innovation & Procurement

Our manufacturing team is responsible for health, safety, quality, and food safety across our business. They ensure we comply with all local laws and meet our environment, social and ethical standards, as well as identifying efficiencies and opportunities to improve our processes.

What's your next step?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, agricultural expert, trader, accountant, food scientist, or sales and marketing professional, a world of opportunity awaits.

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