We want to leave the world a better place than we found it.

Our food systems are under increasing pressure to address a growing population, changing dietary habits and their impact on the environment. As a leader in Agriculture, we know we can help. In our 30 years in business, we’ve made a lot of progress in improving access to food and nutrition, farmers’ lives and sustainability practices, especially in lower income and emerging countries in Africa and Asia.

As we start a new chapter of growth, we want to do better. 

We’ve set ourselves an ambitious purpose to transform food, feed and fibre for a more sustainable future. We’re making clear commitments to contribute positively to the prosperity and well-being of people along our supply chains, the protection and regeneration of our natural resource base, and the fight against climate change. We’ll hold ourselves accountable by embedding international ESG standards and best practices in our operations.

We know it won’t be easy, but with new and emerging technologies; our strong partnerships with farmers, rural communities, governments, NGOs and the industry; and our passion to deliver, we believe we will make a difference. 

Our Sustainability Policies & Positions

We’re committed to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner throughout our business. Through our parent company, Olam Group, we have a suite of sustainability policies and position statements to operate with, and achieve, integrity and honesty.

We believe that sustainability should sit at the heart of the business.

We report against our sustainability goals in our Annual Reports and use the Global Reporting Initiative as a guidance framework. We also endeavour to incorporate stakeholder focus areas.

We take a Capitals approach, reporting under Manufactured, Human, Social, Natural, Intangible and Intellectual Capitals. To recognise the value of these non-financial capitals and make informed business decisions, our Sustainability Finance team was established to holistically approach multi-capital valuation and accounting and embed it into our business decision-making.

Talk to Us

Talk to Us

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