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Our market-leading integrated animal feed and poultry business provide farmers with high-quality, affordable feeds and chicks.

We’re the leading supplier of animal feed in Nigeria where our modern production facilities produce poultry feed and fresh-water fish feed to local farmers.

Integrated Feed & Poultry Breeding

We operate Nigeria’s largest poultry feed mill and day-old-chick facilities in Kaduna State and have an integrated poultry and fish feed mill in Kwara State.           

We source ingredients locally to offer high-quality and affordable feeds to poultry farmers and our two poultry feed brands – Chikun and Ultima – are fortified with amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and feed additives that meet national and international standards. We’re committed to quality and safety, and we were the first to introduce heat-treated mash and pelleted feeds to Nigeria for high microbial safety.

Chickens Poultry Feed

Our day-old chick hatchery and poultry farm produce layers (for egg production), broilers (for organised meat production), and cockerels (for backyard meat production). Our cutting-edge animal feed facilities provide local farmers with 720,000 metric tonnes of poultry feed which has the potential add eight billion eggs and 100 million kilos of poultry meat every year in Nigeria – or the equivalent of 40 eggs and 0.5kg of chicken per capita.

To maintain a consistently high standard of animal welfare in our operations, we ensure that our practices align with internationally recognised principles in livestock production systems, determined by the World Organisation for Animal Health. We comply with all applicable laws in relation to our poultry operations, including environmental regulations.

Advanced Aquaculture

We supply high quality, full-floating freshwater fish feed to more than 15,000 local farmers. Our fish feed brands – Blue Crown, Aqualis, EcoFloat and Alpha – offer balanced nutrition and high-water stability specifically tailored to the needs of the African catfish and farming practices in Nigeria.

Our facility at Ilorin in Kwara State is the most advanced fish feed manufacturing facility in Sub-Saharan Africa. Nigeria’s aquaculture sector has grown by over 25% in the last four years and our world-class facility has nearly doubled the country’s feed milling capacity, helped reduce the reliance on imported feed, and made quality affordable feed available to many farmers.

We produce competitively priced, specially formulated feed, which meets international quality and safety benchmarks and our we are helping improve best practices amongst fish farmers through our team qualified aqua technicians train fish farmers on best practices.


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