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Olam Agri partners with Le Groupe Millet and Nature+ to research and Protect Natural Forest Ecosystems


Olam Agri, the food, feed and fibre agri-business of Olam Group, has announced a partnership with Le Groupe Millet and Nature+ with its wood products’ subsidiary, Congolaise Industrielle des Bois (CIB) to strengthen research on the dynamics of natural forests ecosystems and the impact of sustainable forest management.

Olam Agri partners with Le Groupe Millet and Nature+ to research and protect natural forest ecosystems

The partnership will bring together research communities, experts, and key stakeholders to drive forward research and strengthen technical and environmental standards related to CIB’s operations in the Republic of Congo, where it manages around 2.1 million hectares of owned concessions of which around 1.8 million hectares are certified. In addition to studying natural forest dynamics, the partnership will provide structural support to research and monitoring teams and use the results of the study to recommend practical measures that can be implemented by CIB.

Nature+, a non-profit organisation focused on sustainable management African forest ecosystems, will provide scientific supervision for the project, working with CIB and Le Groupe Millet, a leading specialist in industrial joinery for over 70 years, to further advance research to support sustainable forest management and sustainably sourced timber.

We are delighted CIB’s concessions support a sustainable value chain from raw material sourcing to end-of-life. We are committed to wood being sourced and used sustainably to its fullest potential. Partnering with a certified company, such as CIB, will added value to our continuing development

Fabrice Millet -

General Manager, Le Groupe Millet

Partnerships are essential to take actions that can improve forest management while preserving ecosystems and resources for local communities. Our partnership with Nature+ and Le Groupe Millet is a positive example of the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors to help achieve further progress for a sustainable wood industry.

Christian Schwarz

Vice President of Olam Agri’s woods products business