Rice Growing and Milling Rice Growing and Milling

Innovative Supply of Secure, Sustainable Rice 

We’re one of the leading originators, distributors, and merchants of rice globally, buying rice from producing countries in Asia and the Americas.

Our established global supply chains enable us to source from both small-scale and large-scale farmers, exporting and distributing via our established sales, distribution, and warehousing networks to customers worldwide.

Commitment to Quality

Across our end-to-end supply chain capabilities, our commitment to quality is at the core. Our extensive warehousing and distribution networks enable us to supply high-quality rice which has enabled us to become a strategic partner to recognised brands.

At our facility in Thailand we aggregate, sort and pack over 100,000 tonnes of rice every year, while in Vietnam we have an annual capacity of 150,000 tonnes. Both of these have achieved industry recognised safety certifications. Our laboratory typifies the accompanying high standard of our facilities, with specification and certification that enable us to offer solutions, which match diverse customer demands with precision.

We are one of the few foreign-owned companies with a Vietnamese export license, which has enabled us to fully integrate with our in-country state-of-the-art processing capabilities to offer Vietnam’s premium rice globally. This approach allows us to control and maintain quality throughout the supply chain.

Commitment of Rice Quality

Market-leading Rice Brands

Our rice brands are market leaders in West Africa. The success of our brands is testament to our knowledge of diverse markets, enabling us to cater to the exacting and varied standards of consumers.

Our brands Royal Aroma, Royal Feast, Mama Africa, Mama’s Pride, Riz Meme Casse, Bijou and Mama Africana offer consumers a range of high-quality, affordable rice in markets including Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon.

We have introduced the first branded rice fortified with iron, zinc and B-complex vitamins in both Ghana and Cameroon.

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