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We’re one of the leading global agri-businesses with over 30 years’ experience procuring and exporting commodities in Nigeria.

We generate tens of thousands of indirect jobs through our network of farmers, suppliers, wholesalers, local buying agents and service providers. In addition to our internal sourcing and markets, we also have significant import and export operations. And we offer good quality, inexpensive feed, and day-old-chicks to farmers, which also contributes to food security.


Sesame in Nigeria

We operate a state-of-the-art processing facility in Ogun and naturals cleaning facilities in upcountry locations near Abuja and Kano. These locations employ in the region of 350 full-time and contractor staff from local communities. Our services include in-house Aflatoxin testing, offering further assurance to customers of our safety and quality protocols, and opening a wider export market.

Our sesame is sourced from small- and large-scale farmers, co-operatives and collectors in all major growing regions in the country.

Working with Us

Working with Us

Whether it’s a seasonal or a permanent position you’re interested in, we seek talented individuals to join our team and offer a range of opportunities to grow.

Visit our careers section for more information on the types of roles and vacancies available.

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